For Foreigners

Our country is currently undergoing drastic changes in its social and economic environment, including the advanced declining birthrate and aging population, globalization of business activities, borderless financial and economic systems, redefining and merging, and convergence of accounting standards.

The waves of these changes are surging here in Kagoshima, and there is no regional disparity in the fact that business owners are lost and groping for a stable management of their businesses.

This has required the business management to further strengthen their competitiveness. In order to correspond (react) to the continuously changing social and economic environment, it is necessary for the business owners to have trustworthy advisors who are able to quickly keep up with the latest information and provide the best business advice..

Therefore, we have established a tax accountant firm in order to meet the diversified and sophisticated needs of our clients.

Tsuyoshi Hanada, Chairman of the Kagoshima Federation of Southern Kyushu Association of Certified Tax Accountants, Hiroaki Yamanouchi, Chairman of TKC Kyushu Association, and Hiroshi Shiokura, Vice Chairman of TKC Kyushu Association, are specialists who possess a proven track records and history in their hometown, Kagoshima. We are proud to say that these three tax accountants, who have led the tax accountant community in not only Kagoshima but also Southern Kyushu, formed the strongest team that can provide high added value to our clients. The continuity and development of our clients lead to the development of Kagoshima and the entire Southern Kyushu. Our mission is to contribute to our community through our service as the best partner of our clients.
In order to achieve our mission, we aim to be the one-stop service for our partners by providing the accumulated expertises of our tax accountants and staff and providing close collaboration and communication.

Please consider us as your trusted advisors and business partners.

If you are interested in us, please feel free to contact us by email.